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Having some sort of a power option, whether an outlet or a low-voltage wire is beneficial, though not mandatory. There are quite a few good battery solutions on the market, with systems that have a battery life of up to 6-years to system with rechargeable batteries. Most of these systems can handle windows of up to 12’ by 12’.

Of course! The following are systems with an option for a mobile app. In most cases the app is free, though you have to purchase additional hardware to enable that:
1. Lutron
2. Hunter Douglas
3. Somfy
4. QMotion

Yes. With any of the home systems by Lutron, you can control lights, shades and thermostats with a single app. In many cases you can also control your music with the same app.

Sure! Most automated options have at least one voice control option, usually Alexa. The Lutron system works with most services such as Alexa, Google Home, Smart Things and HomeKit.

Yes, we can. Our technicians have years of experience of doing so. You can also purchase any equipment you need from autom8NYC, from audio streamers and TVs, to TV brackets and HDMI cables.

There are quite a few window treatments that can provide creative solutions to preserving natural light while maintaining privacy and all these solutions can be automated:
1. Solar Roller Shades
2. Silhouette™
3. Luminette™
4. Semi-opaque Cellular Shades
5. Roman shades with sheer fabric
6. Sheer Draperies

The best solution for hard to reach windows are motorized or battery-operated shades. All types of shades can be ordered with the motorized option which can be controlled by a wall switch, a remote control or better yet, from an app on your phone when in your home or anywhere in the world.

Trying to maintain your privacy while exposing the skyline can present a challenge. Fortunately, there are products on the market that are designed for these specific situations.
The Top Down Bottom Up Feature is available with the following Shades:
– Cellular Shades (can be automated)
– Pleated Shades
– Roman Shades (can be automated)
– Woven Wood Shades (can be automated)

Depending on the product, it is usually possible to take your existing shades and automate them. Having said that, it’ll probably be more cost effective to simply get a new shade, especially with our ‘Buy Back’ program.

Sliding doors usually present a unique challenge with window treatments selection. In most cases, we will try to avoid using treatments that go up and down and try to utilize side-moving treatments such as Draperies, Sliding Panels (track systems), or Luminette™ (by Hunter Douglas).
If you seek a shade that will move up and down, we recommend some type of a rolling shade, such as Solar Shades, Silhouette™ or Pirouette ™ (by Hunter Douglas). All the above options can be automated.

Skylight windows, green houses or Atriums can be covered by different types of shades, from Cellular and Solar Shades to Cascade (Roman) Shades. Naturally, since they’re hard to reach, it’s best to automate them. The Duette™ option by Hunter Douglas is available with a battery option, so you don’t even have to run a wire.

There are variety of products that will help achieve total, or close to, total darkness in your room:

• Cellular Shades
Have a great light-blocking option with their opaque material which will give you near 100% darkness.

• Roman Shades
With Block out lining, these will help give close to 100% room darkening effect while being able to custom select the fabric that matches your room’s décor.

• Shutters
Unlike shades that are either up or down, shutters have a great light control option. When closed they achieve near 100% block out; when opened they can fill a room with light. This is a great option for bedrooms.

• Drapes
Custom made to your fabric with room darkening lining; drapes are a great light blocking option. Standing alone or as an addition to existing window treatments, they will completely darken your room

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