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The Power To Set The Scene In The Palm Of Your Hand

The Total Lighting Control System

Homeworks provides you with a cohesive system to integrate outdoor and indoor lighting features, warm dimming and vibrancy, as well as smart shading.


Superior scene programming with options such as conditional programming and sequences

Homeworks gives you access to specific control interfaces such as sleek Palladiom keypads and thermostats

Supports up to 10,000 devices

  • The only system to provide control over Ketra’s warm dim, white tuning (circadian lighting), and vibrancy options.
  • Fade to Black – 0.1% dimming
  • Option for wired devices, providing a more reliable system
  • Coverage for homes over 10,000 square feet
  • ​Excellent mobile app with astronomical timeclock, geofencing and more
  • ​Seamless integration with 3rd party control systems such as Savant, Control4, RTi, Ellan and Crestron

“Homeworks controls it all!”

Learn more about Ketra lighting system or Lutron shading system

Homeworks Gives You Total Control

With the best light sources in Ketra’s flexible lighting and Lutron’s smart shading, to create the magic, we integrate all the lighting aspects; interior lighting, exterior or natural light, warm dimming, and vibrancy into one cohesive system. That’s where Homeworks comes in.

Your home is your haven so why compromise?

Light is a diverse medium delight in its many faces. A lavish sanctuary awaits you. Our shades—the way we blend them with your unique home design—offers you a truly personal way to experience life—a unique way.

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Words cannot describe what an in-person demonstration of Ketra can show you! Though the video above is in HD, your eyes are far better at picking up the subtle, yet powerful, changes in light, color, and temperature.

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