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The Ketra experience is like having your lighting designed by an Oscar-winning cinematographer.

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Lighting and Wellness

It might not seem like lighting would have much impact on our wellness. We suppose that’s why most of humanity still labors under low quality lights. But science has discovered that the light we live, work, and play in has much more to do with our health than previously imagined.


Home Health

Concern for in-home air pollution is at an all-time high. Yet you don’t often hear people talking about lighting with the same enthusiasm. A high performance home includes sophisticated lighting for many reasons, not the least of which is our health.

Introducing the peak experience of home and commercial lighting systems.

Programmable for any mood, time of day, or special event.

Ketra creates scenes that evoke richness, intimacy, and sophistication. Enjoy optimized, automatic lighting for casual, work, and play throughout the day.

Intimate | Muted | Elegant

Whether you’re winding down or gently bringing up your energy in the morning, picture your lighting knowing the exact time for your moods.

Circadian Lighting

Circadian lighting follows the same patterns behind our circadian rhythm, or our “internal clock.” It is the practice of tuning our lighting to the pattern of our days from waking to working to winding down.

And it is backed by studies that prove we can benefit greatly by paying a lot more attention to our exposure to natural light. Which includes how our lighting augments, mimics, and extends natural light in our spaces.

Intensity, Color, Stimulus

Picture your house or office actively taking care of you throughout the day! To take advantage of circadian lighting, you must have a lighting system that can be programmed to change light intensity and color throughout the day. And, importantly in our screen-filled world, stimulus lighting regulates the bad blue light you hear so much about these days.


Work | Productivity | Flow

Experts are finding out just how much your lighting affects productivity, focus, and alertness. The right light can boost your performance and keep you in the flow.


The Right Light For The Right Look

Most will get ready for a night out with flat lighting that can make skin tone and outfits look washed out and drab. Ketra can help you see the full effect of your look in the right light, no matter what the occasion


Any Color For Every Event

Match your scene to the action. Your team’s logo for watch parties, a favorite color for a seasonal theme. The options for a custom color experience are endless.


Programmable For Any Change In Scenery

What if you want to rearrange artwork or furniture? That’s easy! Every Ketra fixture is independently programmable so you can always re-light your new room or art arrangement with ease.


What do you mean no dimmers?

With Ketra, dimmers are a thing of the past!

Homeworks Gives You Total Control

With the best light sources in Ketra’s flexible lighting and Lutron’s smart shading, to create the magic, we integrate all the lighting aspects; interior lighting, exterior or natural light, warm dimming, and vibrancy into one cohesive system. That’s where Homeworks comes in.


Circadian Solutions

Without a lighting system capable of producing these effects automatically throughout the day, circadian lighting would be very difficult to produce consistently. That’s why we use the combination of Ketra lighting systems, the Lutron shading system, and the Homeworks control system to produce effortless circadian lighting on autopilot.

A Premium Less-Invasive Lighting System

It’s one thing to give yourself a premium experience. It’s quite another when it comes to price. Although Ketra comes in higher than less capable lighting solutions, it cuts costs by being less destructive in the wiring process. Forget about tearing up walls and ceilings. With Ketra’s system you’ll experience far less demo and downtime during installation than any other brand that requires extensive wiring.

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KETRA In Our State-Of-The-Art Showroom

Words cannot describe what an in-person demonstration of Ketra can show you! Though the video above is in HD, your eyes are far better at picking up the subtle, yet powerful, changes in light, color, and temperature.

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