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Motorized Window Treatments

Experience The Magic of Smart Modern Motorized Shades

Highly evolved for the modern age

Voice Controlled And At Your Command From Any Room

Quiet motorized window treatments have come a long way.

Control your shades from any room, by voice, or with your phone. Combined with Ketra lighting and Homeworks controls, your motorized shades complete your optimized lighting wellness system.

Jewelry For Your Windows

Aside from getting important jobs done, like protecting your art and furnishings from harmful UV light, Lutron motorized shades are just… beautiful. Nearly limitless choices in luxurious high-tech fabrics and materials combined with smart motorized tech give you a true living space that adjusts automatically to your day, everyday.

Window Treatment Measurements

We begin each consultation by taking a professional measurement of your windows. It’s important to know the exact dimensions before we can even begin to talk about style.

Once we’ve determined the right product for you, our design expert will help you determine the perfect placement for your treatments to enhance your current design and use your natural and artificial light to create the perfect setting.

Please note that different products measure differently, so a professional measurement ensures that unwanted light won’t be creeping in at sunrise.

Small Call to ActiOnce your windows are measured, we begin our finely honed selection process to create the perfect ambience for your life.
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The Palladiom Shading System

Lutron is known for raising the bar in quiet motorized shading systems. Now, they’ve changed the game once again with Palladiom. Shades designed to look beautiful from every angle.


We Take Care Of Everything For You

From measurements and materials, to installation and programming, to testing your new shading system, we have you covered. We’ll even let you get to know your new system for a month and make any adjustments needed to ensure it is 100% perfect for you.


Experience Quiet, High-Tech Luxury

Programmable motorized shades, by themselves, are a thing to behold. And when you see them working in conjunction with our Ketra lighting system, you understand immediately what you’ve been missing out on. Schedule a visit to our showroom or an in-home consult below!

Your home is your haven so why compromise?

Light is a diverse medium delight in its many faces. A lavish sanctuary awaits you. Our shades—the way we blend them with your unique home design—offers you a truly personal way to experience life—a unique way.

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We’ll collect some measurements. And then we’ll show you how your home can come alive.

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Experience The Palladiom Shading System In Our State-Of-The-Art Showroom

Words cannot describe what an in-person demonstration of our motorized shades can show you!

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Blow their minds with a demonstration in our showroom. Nothing can prepare someone for the KETRA experience. (And they’ll never forget you for suggesting it!)

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