Midtown Manhattan

Client requirements: automated shades, simplified control over lighting, separate music streaming in each room, invisible surround sound speakers for watching movies.

This Penthouse in Midtown Manhattan has a lot of different lighting zones. The owner asked to simplify his control over the lighting. The way to achieve that was to hide as many dimmers as possible out of sight and in their place mount custom engraved, backlit keypads and control the lights through useful scenes rather than each light at a time. Some scene control include food preparation, TV watching, relaxing and night time. The owner also wanted to listen to different music streaming services in different rooms in the house.

He also loves to watch movies in surround sound, but since the media room doubles as a guest room, he didn’t want the speakers to be visible, and therefore we provided invisible speakers to accommodate this request. Finally, we provided automated shades throughout the apartment to complement the lighting control, so the shades can be part of many of the lighting scenes.